Weeding is every gardeners least favourite job – but something that is essential for a tidy garden. There is a war between the gardeners and the weeds and it’s been going on forever. Follow these simple tips to cut down on your time spent weeding.

  1. Mulching – as well as the many benefits that mulching can have, one of the main ones is the reduction of weeds. With a layer of between 2-3 inches of mulch, weeds struggle to grow.
  2. Remove the roots. Weeds can be incredibly hardy, leaving any part of the root may be enough for it to regrow. Pull gently by hand and ensure all of the roots comes up with the weed. Try a trowel of fork to loosen the soil around the weed if the ground is particularly hard.
  3. Pull when wet, hoe when dry – the old adage is quite true. When the ground is wet, pull out the weeds and if it is dry hoe the tops of the plants. The heat and dry will kill off the roots.
  4. Choke them out – weeds need space to grow so a packed border will help to prevent weeds from growing.
  5. Cut them back before they seed – cutting the tops off weeds can help to prevent them from seeding and spreading further in your garden.
  6. Use the right tools – many tools are available to help with weeding. Hoes are one the most useful and can come in many different shapes and sizes. Crevice tools can be extremely useful for those difficult to reach area. Mini weed flame throwers are extremely effective for driveways and pavements.
  7. Weed regularly – the more often you can weed the less weeds can propagate and spread. Catching weeds early will also prevent them from maturing and seeding over other areas.