Feeding your plants is very important. Even though your plants will create their own food through photosynthesis they still require healthy soil and will benefit from fertilisers.

Ready mixed fertiliser is available in most garden centres and DIY stores, but what are the ingredients of these fertilisers?


Nitrogen allows plants to grow tall and darken their green producing great looking lush plants. Signs that your plants may be lacking nitrogen are:

  • Yellow foliage
  • Fading, lighter than normal foliage
  • Veins appear reddish


Phosphorus helps plants to establish strong roots and boost their bloom at flowering time. Signs that your plants may be lacking phosphorus are:

  • Purplish hue to veins
  • Stalks may be weak and thin
  • Minimal blooms and undersized fruit


It is important to use potassium as it serves many critical purposes such as cell function and nutrient absorption. Potassium helps plants to deal with cold weather, pests and diseases. Signs that your plants may be lacking potassium are:

  • Dark purple spots on the back of leaves
  • Leaf tips may be brown or appear to be scorched
  • Yellowing between leaf veins

Always feed in the morning and make sure that your garden is moist when you feed. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when feeding your plants and never use more than they recommend as too much nutrition can have an adverse effect on your plants.