In the UK a splash of colour can add vibrancy to the winter months, and the best way to do is with some beautiful flowering plants amongst the usual evergreen plants. Think about positioning, there is no point in wasting fantastic colours in an out of the way place you rarely view in winter. Areas seen from your window or in pots placed in areas that you have to walk past are ideal.

There are a large number of bulbs that can be grown but we will be looking at a few more unusual flowering plants here that you may not have thought of.

  1. Hellebores
    Has distinctive flowers from winter to spring, and with various colours and blooms. Generally easy to grow in sunny to partial shade and well-drained environment.
  2. Mahonia “japonica”
    A large plant that is evergreen and produces bright yellow flowers from late Autumn through Winter.
  3. Witch Hazel
    Another large plant, more known for its healing and diving powers, but has large number of flowers available in a variety of colours, flowering from Autumn.
  4. Winter pansies
    A huge amount of different varieties and colours and are very easy to grow. They follow the sun around and do prefer direct sunlight. Have large flower heads and low growing. Remove dead flowers regularly to continue flowering.
  5. Violas
    Similar to Winter pansies but produce more, and smaller flowers. Again, they are available in many colours and require regular dead-heading.