The advantage of planting seeds early is that it gives them a chance to flower in the first year after sowing, a perfect way to add colour to your borders in the summer. 

Sow the seeds indoors in January or February in a warm and well-lit environment, moving the seedlings outside when they have grown and the weather has warmed up. Bring indoors if the weather does get cold, avoid any late frosts.

Good examples of plants that can be sown in January/February


A flower that comes in different shades of pink, they will do well in full sun or partial shade, as long as they receive 6 hours of sun.

Bellflowers (Campanula)

A delicate bell shape flower, usually blue or purple in colour, best suited to sunny spots in well drained soil.


A compact low growing blue flowered plant, preferring full sun but will tolerate partial shade. Plant in moist, rich soil.

Rose Mint (Agastache)

Rose mint produces masses of lavender scented flowers throughout June to September, grow in full sun.

Golden Globe Coreopsis

A great way to add colour to a border, with these large golden yellow heads, the love full sun and are very drought resistant. 

Geum (Blazing Sunset)

A large red double flower that are produced from late spring to late summer. They prefer full sun with moist, but well drained soil. 


A popular flower with many different species and colours to suit all borders. They are drought tolerant and are ideal pots or baskets besides borders.