Slugs and snails will cause no end of damage to your plants and flowers and their destructive path needs to be stopped. Outlined here are several approaches you can take to put a stop to their havoc.

Slugs and snails like the damp and because of the way they produce mucus to help them move, they dislike dry and dusty surfaces. Use this by placing sand, gravel or even broken up eggshells around your plants. This will only be a deterrent so you may need to use other methods with this one.

You can also use seaweed as this will deter slugs to their salt content. Surround plants with the seaweed, ensuring they do not come into contact with the plant .

Copper can also make a good barrier to the plants due to the fact that a chemical reaction when a slug or snail touches the copper produces an electric charge. It works even if it is raining and does not kill the slug or snail.

Slug pub – the old fashioned way, is sink a small tub of beer in the ground, such as a yoghurt pot, this attracts the slugs and they fall in and drown.

The last resort has to be slug pellets. They work really well, but who wants lots of blue pellets around their plants!