A perennial plant is a term for a plant that lives for more than two years, they can live for only a few years or for many, many years.

They will commonly die off over the winter, especially flowering perennials and come back in the springtime, although evergreen varieties also exist.

The best times for planting perennials are spring or autumn, although it is best to avoid:

Very hot days
Any time of drought
Any time of frosts
Any time when the ground is soggy or frozen
Immediately after a heavy storm of flood

Try to choose a cool or damp day day to plant your perennial, dig a large hole. Add in some compost to the ground and water well. Tease apart the root ball to free the roots and place in the hole. Add more soil and compost to cover the plants roots. Tread around the plant to ensure the soil is packed tightly. Give it a generous watering.

Now is a good time to provide support in the form of stakes, support rings or bamboo canes. Remember your plant will grow so ensure your support will be large enough to support the future growth.