No matter what size your garden you can always find room for small ponds.  Even on a balcony you can fit a small pot or barrel type pond.

The benefits of a pond

Not only being an attractive feature for your garden, a pond can help provide a thriving habitat for wildlife as well. Wildlife have an uncanny ability find a new pond and an ecosystem will build up surprisingly quickly. Pond skaters and great diving beetles can be the first to arrive, as quick as days. These will be followed by other species such as damselflies and dragonflies that wish to lay their eggs in the water and even pond loving amphibians, not unusual to arrive within a year.

How to create a small pond

A small pond can be suitable for all gardens, it can be dug out and a pond liner used. This great for making a pond to any shape you want, make sure it has at least one sloped side to allow for easy access for wildlife, and an easy exit route.

Preformed plastic ponds can be used, these tend to be long lasting and often will have different level ledges for plants. These tend to be more expensive than liners. Like the liner make sure that there is a sloped side to allow for easy access for wildlife. Alternative you can use stones and mud to build a slope, also great for growing pond plants.

Even really small gardens can have a pond by using a  large pot or cut off barrel. With some water plants and stones a pot can look really attractive and still help the wildlife. A ramp on the outside can be built for access using some old wood or some rocks. You can even add a mini pump to add some bubbling water.