Ice plants (Sedum spectabile) have a tendency to get lanky and fall over, but this tip will keep them looking fantastic and can produce even more flowers.

Ice plants are succulents meaning they require very little water, in fact they will not tolerate wet soil at all, so ensure they are in an area that is well drained, especially over winter. In soil that is too dry ice plants can overgrow everything else, so try to find an area that has balanced drainage.

Ice plants like a sunny spot, but they will tolerate some shade, bringing a splash of colour to any area. As a general rule, ice plants require little maintenance, especially when they are established.

They require very little fertiliser, in fact if they receive too many nutrients they can grow too high, causing them to collapse. Cutting back can help to prevent this, commonly known as the “Chelsea cut”, due to the fact that it is done immediately after the Chelsea Flower Show (in the last week of the May) can really help.

By cutting one in every three stems of the ice plant this will help the plant to sustain it’s shape, and new shoots will be seen rapidly. It will also keep the ice plant flowering for longer, even up to late autumn and the winter months.

If ice plants become too established (reaching 1/2 metre in width) then it is best to split these. This can be done easily by cutting down the middle with a spade and replanting half of it elsewhere.